celiac disease diagnosis

celiac disease diagnosis

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Celiac Rapid Test

Considering the incidence of celiac disease, over the last few years celiac rapid test has come to the forefront of new diagnostics. It has been calculated in fact that for each diagnosis of celiac disease, there are seven more waiting to be discovered. However, it is necessary to perform a biopsy of the small intestine to verify the presence of villi damage, in order to make a correct diagnosis of celiac disease. It is obvious that it is not always desirable to perform this type of test, especially in cases in which there are no clear symptoms of the disease or when the disease occurs in subjects within the pediatric age group. Celiac disease manifests with suspect symptoms and is therefore an insidious disease which is difficult to recognize.
Of the celiac rapid test, there is one and only system for diagnosing celiac disease which can be easily performed at home. It is simple, reliable and only requires a drop of blood.
It determines the presence of IgA Anti-transglutaminase antibodies which to date represent the most sensitive immunological marker for diagnosing celiac disease. The celiac rapid test is an effective answer for the person with the disease, as well as for the physician, because it provide an accurate screening of the incidence of the disease, before resorting to invasive diagnostic measures. The test therefore provides support in the diagnosis of celiac disease, which must be confirmed by a physician. For celiac disease, the celiac rapid test represents a first-level screening which measures the presence of IgA anti-transglutaminase antibodies, which to date represent the most sensitive immunological marker for this disease. Due to their reliability, ease and rapidity of use, the celiac rapid test enables a person with celiac disease to obtain an answer as to the presence of these antibodies in a short space of time.
It is a rapid mono test which is performed on a drop of blood and is therefore indicated for use at home without the need for a physician’s referral or for blood samples to be taken in hospital.
If the test gives a positive result, it will necessary to perform further specific tests to confirm the presence of celiac disease, as a final diagnosis can only be made by a specialist.
The Test may only be purchased in pharmacies. Celiac rapid test provides 96.3% sensitivity in diagnosing celiac disease. The effectiveness of the new test was demonstrated in a study conducted in a Finnish referral center which specializes in the diagnosis of the disease on an international level. This result was also confirmed by an Italian study conducted at the Pediatric Department of the "Burlo Garofolo" Hospital, Trieste.  continue >>