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instruments disinfection

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Instruments Disinfection

Eurospital is specialized in the production of a highly efficient system of instruments disinfection for hospitals. Our research laboratories have developed an innovative product, PerActiv, based on peracetic acid, a ready to use product of high efficiency and stability over time. High stability and maximum efficiency is found especially in the disinfection of instruments made of heat sensitive optical fibre.
The vast range of biocide activity, from spores to viruses, makes PerActiv an excellent disinfectant for the cold treatment of all heat sensitive optical fibre instruments.
Directions and methods for use are found on our web site. The main directions for use of the instruments disinfection with this preparation are the following: Mix the solutions A and B contained in the package. The obtained solution is immediately ready for use.
For the manual instruments disinfection is it necessary to have thoroughly washed and dried the instruments. Therefore completely dip the instruments in the reconstituted solution (A+B) making sure that it seeps through all cavities. The contact period should be of at least 10 minutes. Thereafter extract the instruments in an aseptic mode and rinse them with sterile water.
For the instruments disinfection in lavaendoscope washing machines fill the tank with the reconstituted solution in the quantity and way indicated by the producer, then follow the directions for use of the lavaendoscope machine.
Precautions and recommendations for use during the instruments disinfection: do not mix PerActiv with other products. Do not use the product after the expiry date.
The reconstituted solution is not a preparation dangerous to humans or nature.
Eurospital offers a service of validation of the peracetic acid titer. The peracetic acid titer in the solution used for the manual instruments disinfection or the disinfection in lavaendoscope washing machines varies over time in relation to the different work-load and the different instruments present in the specific centre where it is in use. Eurospital offers the possibility to validate the stability of the titer of PerActiv in the reality of every single centre through a method of quantity dosing, developed for the specific determination of the titer of peracetic acid necessary for a correct disinfection of the instruments in use.    continue >>