safe handling of antineoplastic agents

safe handling of antineoplastic agents

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Safe Handling of Antineoplastic Agents

For the safe handling of antineoplastic agents is it necessary to take on an adeguate behaviour, as if one would come into contact with substances considered carcinogenic and therefore all directions of the Decree 626/94 concerning the titer on the carcinogenic risk have to be followed.
The premises dedicated to the preparation of the antineoplastic agents have to be sufficiently spacious to permit actions to be carried out easily. For the safe handling of antineoplastic agents a minimum surface of 16 m2 is recommended. This area ought to comprise an extractor hood, a support bench, a wardrobe, and if a lobby is not available, a decontamination box with a pedal wash basin, an eye-bath and emergency equipment.
The floor and the walls have to be made of easily washable non porous plastic ( e.g. electro-welded PVC) in order avoid the penetration of dusts and /or liquids in proximity of the corners.
For a safe handling of antineoplastic agents in the preparation area, turbulent flows of air, which could interfere with the vertical laminar flow hoods, invalidating preventive measures, should be avoided.
It is evident that sudden draughts as well as the operators non appropriate movements can interrupt the laminar flow of air used as a barrier, causing the emission of dangerous agents from the front opening of the hood, undermining the precautions adopted for a safe handling of antineoplastic agents. Furthermore the capacity of containment of the hood decreases every time the aspiration or emission grates are obstructed by objects or equipment, or also because of an excessive movement of the operator(5).
In this room a button for the notification of emergencies has to be installed, as well as a hands-free inter-phone, avoiding the use of a traditional telephone which is easily contaminated.
Personnel handling antiblastic drugs ought to use efficient means of protection (PPE) adapted to the different risk situations. Gloves do not guarantee a safe handling of antiblastic antineoplastic agents, therefore is it necessary to consult the data sheet of every type of glove.
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